• Bezoek de imposante Drakensbergen, Swaziland, St. Lucia en Kruger National park.

    21 dagen € 1625

  • Ervaar de Fish Rive Canyon, Etosha National Park en immense zandduinen bij Sossusvlei.

    26 dagen € 1995

  • Ga naar de Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls en Hwange National Park.

    20 dagen € 1895

  • The popular student tours through South-Africa started in 2010, leading from the idea to travel through this country with other students who want to learn more about wildlife and nature and have the same passion to discover the unique, contrasting countries in Southern Africa.

    During the tour, you will be searching out a variety of wildlife species, including remarkable animals that make their home in the different landscapes – leopards, hippos, lions, antelope, giraffe, rhino and buffalo are just some of the wild and wonderful creatures to see. In addition to the exciting safaris exploring the savanna, forests and desserts, the tour contains an important education part as well. From experts in the field, you will learn more about wildlife conservation, fieldwork and research, which enables you to orient yourself on a potential internship, thesis of research project.

    Activities during the tours are wild safaris, walking/hiking (also in the mountains), kayaking, diving or snorkeling on coral reefs, whale watching, etc. while sleeping at the most special places, sometimes in the middle of nature, near lakes or along rivers, where you see the elephants and hippos bathing in the morning when you wake up. At some places animals like impalas, nyalas and warthogs walk freely around your tent. 

    During the tours you will extend your knowledge and understanding of wildlife, nature, and the importance of conservation efforts to protect the unique ecosystems of Southern Africa. In addition to exploring this region, you will also be triggered to evaluate your ambitions and further steps in your academic career.

    Do something different, break out of your classes and have a unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever. 

    This site contains information on the tours and keeps you updated about coming activities and info meetings. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the tours.